Sunday, December 30, 2012

First 12 in the Last of 12 Linky Party!

As I reflect on 2012 I thought it would be fun to post the first 12 blog posts of 2012!  I'm sure a lot of the "old" posts will have subjects that pertain to right now anyway!  I would love if you join my linky!

 Here are the rules:
  • You must use the linky pic above
  • Your blog post must link back to mine
  • List your first 2012 blog posts starting with the earliest
  • Use Farley's rule of 3! (comment of the first 2 people who link up before you and comment of the 1 person who links up after you)
Ready, Set, Go!  Here are my FIRST 12 IN THE LAST OF 12!
  1. 1/01/12 ~Hahaha, my first 2012 post is a linky party...Farley's January Currently
  2. 1/14/12 ~It's report card time again
  3. 1/16/12~ I had a huge appreciation giveaway
  4. 1/21/12~ And then the winner were announced
  5. 1/23/12~Messy desks and the "Froggy desk fairy" 
  6. 2/04/12~Some Valentine Freebies
  7. 2/06/12~ Farley's February Currently... It's funny how now I don't sleep on the first of any month until I link up with Farley's Currently so I can be in the top 50 instead of 7,689!
  8. 2/08/12~ A fun 100 day activity
  9. 2/10/12~ Spelling City Review
  10. 2/11/12~You know you're a teacher when...
  11. 2/18/12~Fun Picture Writing prompts I shared!
  12. 2/24/12~ Teaching life cycles in my classroom (using the "cotton pickin'" Boll Weevils)
Apparently, I started out the year with a lot of linky parties. That's funny since I am ending the year with one and I am planning on joining some of the New Years linky parties!
I look forward to reading your First 12 from the Last of 12!


  1. What a great linky! I loved looking back on what I wrote when I first started. Was fabulous to bring some of those older posts back to life :)

  2. Loved this linky! I totally forgot some of my posts that I've done. I had fun going back and looking at the first 12.....and beyond. Thanks!

    Mrs. Lyon's Blog - Teaching: The Art of Possibility

  3. I love this linky! Thanks for doing this!! :)

    Lacie Brown
    Polka Dots & Pencils

  4. Thanks so much for hosting this linky party! It's fun to see everyone's first posts of 2012.

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