Monday, April 29, 2013

Help Needed A.S.A.P.!

One of my sweetest teacher blogging buddies, Abby from Third Grade Bookworm,  has a VERY IMPORTANT fundraiser going on right now.   Recently she lost a very special student named Ruby to cancer! Yes, cancer sux!  Ruby's parents can't afford to buy her a headstone for her grave due to the extravagant medical bills they have on top of every day bills.

If you donate  $20 (or more) you will get a plethora of resources from a variety of FABULOUS Teachers.  Click here to donate and see all the FAB materials you will get. 

Please, I am begging, go donate now.  Abby is only $400 away from raising enough money!  Skip Starbucks a couple of times this week and use that money for Ruby!  Represent the generous Fabulous Froggies I know you are!   

I would love for Abby to email me and say, "Thanks to froggy fans Ruby will have a peaceful resting place with a beautiful headstone".   I'm going to donate right now, join me!

THANK YOU in advance for your generous donations!


  1. You are such a wonderful friend, Lorraine.

    Thank you for loving my sweet Ruby - and me too!


    1. You are welcome my friend! Ruby and her family are lucky to have you in their lives.