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Friday, July 15, 2011

My Very First Linky Party....Can I figure this out?

Yearn to Learn is having a Seek and Find Blog Mixer Linky Party and I decided to give it a try! I hope I do this right.  I love this idea...I have found so many cool teaching blogs doing this. Here goes nothing

1) "New Kid on the Blog" - That is going to have to be me - Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies. Earlier today was my very first blog so I am the newest one I know.

2) Same level blog - Create-Teach-Share. This blog is full of great info!

3) Different grade level blog - Beg Borrow Steal - Isn't this a great title? This blog is written by a first grade teacher.

4)Last but not least a cute button! (I don't even know how to make a button) but that goes to Yearn to Learn... Love it!


  1. You did it! Lord knows I couldn't have figured this out when I first started! :)

    3rd Grade Gridiron

  2. So "hoppy" you joined my Blog Mixer. A thanks for the cute button kudos.

    Yearn to Learn Blog

  3. Wow! Thanks for including me in your blog! I feel so honored. Good luck with your blog...it's going to get very addicting!!! :)

    Beg, Borrow, Steal

  4. Welcome! Come on by for a visit!


  5. Thanks so much for the mention! I love your blog and I am a new follower! I ♥ 4th grade blogs!


  6. Hi Lorraine! I just started too! It is definitely addicting. Cute blog layout, did you design it yourself?


  7. I can't believe my first try I figured it out! Now I need to learn how to make a button for blog.

    CHRISTA -Congrats on your blog....it is very nice! I don't know how to do any html or and website stuff so I just used the simple template from blogspot and uploaded my own backgroup and a few pics. I wish I knew how to make a header and buttons, etc. but one day I will learn.

  8. Hi Lorraine,
    Welcome to the blogging world. WOW! Your site looks great! My only advice is Have Fun!
    Best Wishes!
    Marcia :)

  9. Very nice beginning! There are many ways to make buttons - it can be as easy as creating it in paint and saving as a jpg. Once you do, here is a great tutorial from Manic Mother on how to do the "Grab My Button" code.

    Looking forward to some great stuff,

    Minds in Bloom

  10. Thanks so much Rachel! I made a button and used the Grab My Button code from Manic Mother as you suggested and viola, it looks like I did it! I am not sure its correct but I think it is.