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Friday, August 12, 2011

Do you have your classroom procedures in place?

Teachers in my district officially go back to work on Monday, August 15th and this will be the  last weekend of my summer. You would think I would take a road trip to the beach or even just have a relaxing weekend at home, right?  WRONG! I wish I could be in my classroom right now setting up but since I can't I am starting to create forms, print out labels, and do what I can at home on the computer. ☺  My husband thinks I'm crazy to be working on school stuff on the last weekend but I am so ready to start (Wait until he finds out I have a huge pile of lamination for him to cut out for me)!

I just updated my Classroom procedures sheet and thought I would share. I send this home on the first day of school for the parents and kids to go over together and sign.  I expect this to be kept in their binders for future reference.

*I copy this front/back and three hole punch it before giving it out.

♥ click here to get a copy of my classroom procedures ♥


  1. Thanks for sharing. I promise you're not the only one who's hubs thinks they are crazy for working on the last weekend of Summer. I'm doing the same thing you are. I'll make sure to post some stuff on my blog for ideas. :) My hubs will be cutting lamination too! :) Have a good last weekend!


  2. Thank you for sharing your classroom procedures sheet. It is extremely detailed! I start back on Monday also and I have a list of labels and things I want to print to take with me to school. That is great that your husband will help you cut out your laminating, my husband says he will do any else for me but cut (I overused that favor the first year with scissors that were too small-plus he's a lefty . . . oops). I hope you enjoy your last little bit of summer!

  3. Wait...YOUR HUSBAND cuts out your laminating?????? WOW!

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