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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Are you a fabulous teacher or want to be one? Then you need to have a POWERFUL Reading Program!

As passionate educators, we are always trying to improve ourselves and instill our love of learning in our students. That is definitely the case with Laura Candler's Power Reading Workshop: A Step by Step Guide! OMG this resource is incredible! This book has everything you need to help you implement not just any reading workshop but a POWER Reading Workshop.
Laura Candler's Power Reading Workshop: A Step by Step Guide will teach your student to really like LOVE reading! Not only does Laura share the basics reading workshop components but she also provides instruction for the first 10 days! That's right.... the award winning fabulous Laura Candler gives you specific lessons to follow so you can establish the reading workshop structure.  But wait there's more (No, I am not getting paid to do an infomercial), Laura also shows you how to add not one, not two but 12 PROVEN "Power Reading Tools" to the Reading Workshop program to make it the most fabulous EFFECTIVE reading instruction you will ever use!  Laura also provides a ton of ready to use activity pages and customizable online forms........what are you waiting for?  Hurry up and get yours so you can start your students on the journey of success!

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