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Friday, September 9, 2011

Number line? That's for babies!

I know you are thinking what is that crazy frog teacher talking about, right?  Well, when I told my 4th grade students we were going to practice some math with a number line they quickly yelled, squealed, blurted out, said numbers lines are easy, they are for kindergarten babies! Well, out of the 22 students I had only 3 that could claim that number lines were easy.  I was shocked to see how many students actually have difficulty with number lines and whole numbers....I am afraid to see what they do when they have to deal with fractions and number lines.  My students need a lot of practice with number lines so I made a practice sheet to give them and I thought I would share.

♥ Click here ♥ to download the number line practice sheet for you to use with your students.


  1. Thanks for sharing this. We've been working on getting to 1,000 this week, and one strategy is with a number line. If they get it, it's awesome to watch their thinking (you learn so much from them because it's so transparent). If they don't get it, it makes for some interesting small groups. But now it's the weekend, time to relax, reflect, and plan for the next classroom adventure!

  2. You are so right! Lots of my older pupils find number lines tricky... especially when they count up in 5's 10's etc! The trickest part for a few of them is finding 'halfway'.


  3. If you love number line stuff, check out Kim Sutton at Creative Mathematics - I use her number line with my kiddos, and we use it for looking at multiples and common factors - it is so much more than a baby tool :) LOVE to see other teachers using number lines!

  4. Number lines are great in the upper grades especially if students are rounding high numbers. For example, if students have to round a number like 12,788 and they have to it to the nearest thousand, I have them write 12,000 and 13,000 on a number line. I then ask students if 12,788 is closer to 12,000 or to 13,000.

  5. Jules, I love Kim Sutton stuff! Several years ago I went to a week long Kim Sutton conference. It was awesome! I have her number line up in my classroom and I give each student the mini number lines in their math tool kit. :)

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