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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Some inspiration for me (and you)!

As I have been preparing for the coming week I was reflecting on all the challenges I have this year.  I say to my husband, "Gosh, it seems like I am not teaching as good as I can be this year.   It is impossible to feel successful when I am counseling more then I am teaching."  Then my son reminded me, "Mom, you always say if you talk negative nothing positive will happen. You need to say you can do it and you will."  Wow my teenage son actually listens to me?!?!  I am glad he gave me that little reminder.  I created this little printable, a quote from Alice and Wonderland, to remind me that things are only impossible only if I believe it is!
*Click here to download your own copy*


  1. Thank you that is just what I needed :)

  2. Just downloaded 3 of your quotes. ( Be Great, It's Not Fair & The Alice in Wonderland) I love them all! Thank you for making these and giving them for free!