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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

100 squares make...

Did you already celebrate your 100th  day of school?  Ours was February 1st.   My fourth graders were so excited and couldn't believe we had been in school one hundred days already.  The first thing they asked as they entered the classroom was, "What fun 100th day project are we doing?"  Kinders were wearing 100 day shirts, made 100 day posters, eating 100 day snacks, etc.(x100)!  I told my froggies that they weren't in kinder any more but they were going to be given an opportunity to earn a 100 on an assignment.  I told them to take 100 seconds of silence to think about what the assignment might be.  First of all they were all shocked how LOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGGG it felt to think quietly for 100 seconds and next, they were guessing we were going to take a test.  They know in upper elementary that its time to kick it up a notch after the holidays so they assumed we were just going to do "work". It didn't matter what I was planning it had to be better than a test!  So no matter what I said, as long as it wasn't a test, the kids would be thrilled.

I handed them all a piece of large white piece of construction paper and told or more pieces of colored construction paper of their liking.  Students were instructed to cut out 100 squares - they could be all of one color or of multiple colors but only 100 and they had to be congruent.  Some kids traced squares, some folded squares, and some just drew squares but eventually everyone had a pile of 100 squares on their desk.  They were instructed to use and glue all 100 squares to make one object on the white construction paper and they could draw a background if they wished.  My froggies were so creative!  This assignment took way longer then I thought it would but the kids LOVED it!  This will definitely become an annual event in my classroom!
Look at some of the masterpieces! :)

100 squares make a cyclops
100 squares make a butterfly
100 squares make a dolphin

100 squares make a motorcycle
100 squares make a dog

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  1. This is so cute! I love Day 100!

    Sally from ElementaryMatters

  2. These are too cute. Kids are so creative, aren't they! I am always amazed at what they can come up with, with such simple things!

    The Second Grade Superkids