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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's not fair!!!!

BEWARE: A quick and short rant below but at least it comes with a freebie!

I don't know about you but I am sooooo tired of hearing "it's not fair"!  The bad thing is, its not the kids saying it.  I am so tired of teachers, yes I said teachers, complaining that someone else's student gets an advantage because they get tests orally administered (even though they have a Spec Ed IEP) or even worse, "it's not fair that Mrs. X has a parent that is willing to bring in pizza for the party".  Are you kidding me?  I am going to zip my lip  and end it there(which by the way is usually VERY hard for me to do) in order to stay out of trouble.  Remember my teaching friends, life isn't fair but we are adults!  We are in this profession (or at least should be) to share our love of learning and educate our future.
Click on the pic to download your copy of this printable reminding us what fair really is.
Lots of Hugs


  1. I totally feel your pain! Just remember the least said is the best.

  2. Stay Strong Lorraine! Thanks for the cute reminder (freebie)!
    Cheers To School

  3. Wow that is ridiculous! Good post and you have the right attitude :)

  4. That's the attitude! We are all adults! We are with you Lorraine!

  5. And where did we EVER get the idea that life was fair??? I have preached this to my own children and to my kids at school. Obviously none of your teacher friends had me for a mom or a teacher! :O)
    Life is NOT fair this side of heaven! Get used to it!
    Thanks for your freebie thoughtfulness in your rant!! :O)

  6. I have two posters of this in my classroom! :-)


  7. Hilarious! Amazing how people forget and don't understand that those "things" they think they are missing out on ALSO come with some "luggage" that they might not want! Bless their sweet lil' hearts! It's good to cleanse with a little rant now and then.

  8. I need to hang this poster in my school!


  9. Agreed!! Thanks for the cute poster. I not only need to hang this poster up in my classroom but at home also for my children to see.
    Have a great weekend!

  10. I agree, I hear that phrase all too often from my students. I always like to remind them of a deal I made with them at the beginning of the school year: I promise never to complain about them if they promise to never complain in class. Usually it works... usually. :)