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Sunday, September 2, 2012

I'm baaaack... and the best prank eva!

I'm embarrassed that the last time I blogged was over 2 weeks ago.  I am so so sorry!  I had bronchitis  when it was time for teachers to return to school and being sick while sitting in meeting and trying to set up my classroom really kicked my boo-tay!  Then we that week was over (even though my room still wasn't done) I went out of town for a last of summer shingdig.  My parents treated us to a trip to Moody Gardens in Galveston, Texas.  It was so much fun!  I needed that weekend desperately. However, coming back the night before school starts was not the smartest thing I ever did.  

Every year our school district has a convocation AKA pep rally for all its employees.  We are a huge school district so they have 3 convocations a day for a week.  Anywho, this years theme was the 60s.  Here is a picture of myself and a teammate, Lara, with Austin Powers. LOL!  We were waiting for the rest of our team showed up but by then they weren't taking picture any more.   It was motivating and lots of fun!               P.S. - I'm the short pleasantly plump one on the left :)  I had rainbow eyelashes and a peace sign tattoo on my cheek.

The first day of school for my students was Monday, August 27th.  I have a great class this year!  They are all soooooooo sweet but also TALKATIVE!!!!!!!!!!!  I couldn't imagine anyone talking more then me but Good Golly Miss Molly these kids can even out talk me!  I must say that they laugh at all my jokes so I can overlook the excessive talking a bit. :)

Look at this fabulous gift I got on "Meet the Teacher" night.  The precious student who gave this to me is one of the sweetest kids ever.  I happen to be friends with her mom, Barbara.  Luckily for me Barbara just happens to be one of the best bakers, crafters, and cook I know!  Oh yeah, she teaches kinder in my school and you know how incredibly creative those kinder teachers are.  AND she is as addicted to pinterest as I am.  The week started out with this awesome candy bucket but mid week I got chocolate chip cookies and ended the week with some FAB-U-LOUS cupcakes! Mmmmmm mmmmm good!

Speaking of gifts, look at this one! A student came up to me and said his parents bought all his teachers (meaning me and the special rotation teachers) a lottery ticket for a great first week back to school.  I wasn't sure if I was allowed to accept a gift like that but I figured I would lose anyway so what the heck.  As the class watched anxiously I started scratching the lottery ticket.  I needed to scratch three amount that matched in order to win.  First $25, then $10, then $5,000...... I knew I had lost.  I scratched another $5,000 and then a $5.... what are the chances that I would win?  Slim to none, right?  Well, I scratched the last space and much to my surprise, I won! I really won!  I won $5000.00!   I screamed in joy, "I won $5000.00!" the kids all cheered! The hair on my arms stood on end.  I secretly thanked God for helping us out since we are financially struggling a bit right now.  Then I immediately told my student, I can't take this its yours you won!

He smiled or should I say smirked a little but wasn't as thrilled as I was. Then it hit me..........this can't be real with the smirk he gave me. So I flipped the lottery ticket over and realized it was fake! My heart broke....... all the clip art, Starbucks, and chocolate I was planning to buy with the money I won (no wonder we're broke right now LOL!).  You would think I would have been furious at this kid but just the opposite! I thought it was a genius prank!  Don't get me wrong, I was sad it wasn't real but it was hilarious! He was so darn serious when he gave me the ticket and said he had a gift for me. I just hope his parents think its just as funny when I send home his first FAILING report card! HAHAHAHAHA!  I would never do that but that would be the perfect revenge.  

For all my frog clip art lovers.... look at the new ones Scrappin Doodles has out!  I am going to buy them all!  My husband can't get mad because there is a coupon and that means I am saving him money! :)
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This post is getting pretty long so I will stop here but I still have so much to say.  Check back soon for my post about an awesome product, 4th Grade Spiral Math Homework and Quizzes, that you must check out and some other classroom activities that are must haves as well.  

Thanks for hanging in there while I was gone.  Happy Labor Day!


  1. Oh...my...goodness!!! What a terrible, but funny, prank! I'm sure the kiddos loved it. I wonder what the remainder of the year will hold ;)

    One Class, One Sound

  2. I've bought the fake lottery tickets for my husband before ... he works as a programmer for the lottery corp. ;)
    However, I'd take the candy bucket!!! Are any of my parents reading this??? Ms. Runde loves candy! ;)

    Glad you're feeling better!

    Runde's Room

  3. You are a better person than me lol.. It is a genius joke, but I think I would have been a little upset. Probably not. Hope you have a great year and glad you are feeling better. :)


  4. Yep, that's a great prank! Sounds like this guy is quite a character! Gotta love a kid with a sense of humor!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  5. I am cracking up, right now, tears in my eyes cracking up. My husband is watching the best of Will Ferrell as I blog and I had him stop just so I could read him this post. What a funny little kid. I can't wait to hear about the rest of antics this year!!

    Thank you for the laugh.


  6. Welcome back:) I think I would have had a heart attack right in front of everyone.....are you sure you weren't filmed???? You may end up on Funniest videos one day...lol:) He will be keeping you on your toes this year:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  7. You better get him back somehow...I don't know-sneak attach with silly string when mom and dad pick him up from school one day? So fun.