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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Multiplication x 3 &Tell Me Something Good Linky

Happy Sunday!  I'm doing my usual Sunday activities.... watching football, doing laundry,planning for next week, and grading.

Doesn't that sound like fun?  LOL! What do you do on Sunday afternoons?

When I saw that Jennifer from Rowdy in First Grade was having a "Tell Me Something Good" linky party, I really wanted to participate!  Too many times we focus on the negatives instead of the positives.  Click on the linky pic below to read about others "something good" and maybe participate yourself!  By the way, am I the only one that sings "tell me something goooood" when I read that?

Something GOOD at School:  Besides working at an awesome school, I will have to say that my 4th Grade team this year is great!  We work so well together and there isn't any drama (Knocking on wood as I type)!  For the first time in a long time I feel like we all have each other's backs.  Our team is made up of 6 very opinionated, strong willed ladies (and 1 collaborative teacher, a man who just sits backs and listens) but we all respect each other and know we all have the best interest of the students in mind.   It sure is nice to want to go to work each morning!

Something GOOD at Home: My teenage kids are so darn wonderful and I am so proud of them!  In a time where many kids are so disrespectful to adults and defy authority, I can honestly say my husband and I have raised our kids right! My daughter is a senior in High School and my son is a freshman.  Both of them do well in school and participate in extra curricular activities as well as volunteer in a variety of places.  They are very thoughtful and plain ol' good kids. Today my daughter is going to a concert (the Penatonics) in Austin with her HS choir and she made sure to have her laundry &  homework done before leaving since they will be home late tonight.  My son, came home from  his friends house this afternoon and cooked dinner for us..... fajitas and onion rice (easiest recipe ever).  It was so yummy!   Now don't get me wrong, they are teenagers so they occasionally roll their eyes or suck their teeth but overall they are awesome kids!

Another thing that is going good in my classroom is double digit multiplication.  Most of my students are finally getting it! I taught them three ways... partial product, regular algorithm, and lattice.
The students who didn't master their multiplication facts like they should have last year struggle a bit more and need to count on their fingers or look at the number line.

Here are some you tube videos that show each method. These aren't my videos but I googled them so perhaps if you didn't know what I was talking about you could see it. :)   How do you teach 2 digit by 2 digit multiplication?


  1. Hey Lorraine! I'm doing the same exact thing as you this Sunday afternoon/evening (heavy on the football watching!).

    I loved reading this--your children sound wonderful!! :)

    1. Awww thanks Kristen! I am blessed! What is your favorite team? I'm a huge Pittsbugh Steelers fan!

  2. Your team sounds fabulous! I am so glad you are having a great year!

  3. Woah! I have never seen the Lattice method before! I will have to give that a try...this week! Does it work for 3 by 3 multiplication, too? Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes Joy, this can be done with any amount if numbers. Just put as many boxes as digits you use. The lattice method is way easier for some of my students that are a bit weaker in math. Let me know if you try it.

  4. I love this linky! Maybe I should participate too... We are about to start double digit multiplication... they did awesome remembering how to do 4 digit x 1 - somehow I think they are going to still do great after a lot of practice.

    I usually teach double digit multiplication with a dance step - it looks like an Irish jig/Country hoe-down when it's done, but it's the steps to take... right foot forward (ones to ones), right foot cross in front of left foot (ones to tens), take a step backwards and step to the left (represents next line move over), then left foot cross (tens place to ones), then left foot forward tap (tens to tens). Then it's a step back and a squish of the left foot for the equal line to add. We move from writing the steps for our notebook, to feet, to hands on the desks, then it's just engrained and they are dreaming it at night.

  5. I love your something good's! I too have a great team of super opinionated strong willed ladies. They are the best. It's nice working with such a great group! And kudos to you for raising great kids!
    Rowdy in First Grade

  6. I can't explain what it means to enjoy your team. I still talk/laugh with my old team about the good ol days. Love those ladies. I'm glad you have that sort of team. Love that your gentleman listens to the ladies. Ours did too (he's pretty smart - heck - married him).
    So excited to see you showing different methods for multiplication. I use all of them daily.

  7. Love your site--would love to have you visit our new blog at:

    Especially like the multiplication videos!