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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Yup, that's right, all I can say is WOW! 
 I am thrilled and honored to share with you The Organized Classroom Magazine!  

In each issue you will get handy tips and solutions for organizing your classroom.  You will get stories and suggestions from fellow teachers (maybe even you!).  Each issue will even have simple organization challenges.  Not only is this inspirational magazine perfect for all K-8 teachers, but all issues are enabled for printing, downloading, and you can view them from your mobile devices.

I've already learned how to "Tame the Paper Monster" by reading the FREE PREMIERE ISSUE ! Make sure you go and get your free issue today!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Blog Design!!!!!!!!

OMG! Look at my new FABULOUS blog design! I am so in love!  Who is the incredible, terrific, fantastic artist who redesigned my blog?  Well, that would be the AMAZING Christi Fultz!  You must go check out her blogs.  She is priced incredibly reasonable and listens to her clients.  I am not getting paid to say this or get a kick back if you have her design your blog.  I am just in LOVE with her fabulous work.
Here is her blog design blog:
Design by Christi
and her teacher blog:

Ms. Fultz's corner

Happy Valentine's Day my friends!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Currently, Lola, and Miscellaneous...

It's February 2nd and you know what that means right?  No, it doesn't mean it's Ground Hogs Day.... even though it is.   What February 2 means is that I am LATE for Farley's Currently.  Darn! I swore to myself that I would be in her TOP 10!  Heck by the time I finish this post and link up I will probably be number 3,000!  Grrrrrr!  Oh well, I guess I will try for the top 10 next month!   Here it is folks no matter what number I am....

So a couple of my pet peeves are ignorance and excuses.  I don't mean uneducated when I say ignorance, I mean plain ol' stupid!  I really can't stand when grown adults are ignorant and hateful.  For example not liking someone because of culture or the color of their skin.  Just typing that sentence chaps my hide!  How about excuses?  Well, I hate when people including students have excuse after excuse.  Anything from, "I abuse my child because I was abused" to "I didn't do my homework because it was my sister's birthday".  Pulease!  

Last Sunday I blogged about  our new class pet named Hines.... Well, there has been a bit of a change.  When I took my new hamster to class on Monday morning, my kids were absolutely ecstatic about the cute little ball of fur.

 My little froggies loved everything about her except her name. "Hines? She doesn't even look like a Hines! She looks like a Lola", I heard.  Guess what?  I agree! She looks just like a Lola so Lola it is!!!! 

Are you looking for an inexpensive Valentine gift to give to your students?  You need to check this one out from Charity at The Organized Classroom Blog.  

Speaking of Charity, are you a member of Teaching Blog Traffic School?  I am, and have been since almost the beginning.  If you want to start a blog (doesn't have to be a teacher blog) or want to improve the blog you already have then you have to check out TBTS!

Have you ever shopped at MPM school supplies?  I received an email saying that "I can shop on their dime". They gave me a $25 credit to purchase whatever I wanted in exchange for a review of my experience.  $25 for free to shop on school supplies......."no, thanks" said NO teacher ever.  Of course I accepted!  I assumed it would be like any other teacher online store but it I was wrong (in a good way).

I bought the two products pictured above, reading comprehension cubes to use during guided reading and teacher stamps to use for stamping.   I am super thrilled with my goodies.  The MPM School Supplies website was easy to navigate, the prices are wonderful, and the shipping was F.A.S.T.!!!!!   I definitely recommend them and MPM School Supplies.com will be where I go first when shopping for my teacher/classroom resources.  
Go check them out!  They are offering my readers a discount! To take advantage of this deal click on the link below. 

10% off your readers' first 10 orders:
 Make sure you let me know what goodies you buy.... I may just need to buy them too! LOL!