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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Currently in July (early) ...

I did it! I really did it!  I am #1 on Oh Boy 4th Grade's Currently!  Yes, I cheated again and had a little help from a friend....thanks Farley!  Farley put on her fan page that Currently would be up today and then a little bird (named Farley) let me know it was up!!!!!   Love ya Farley!  

It's officially summer and here in San Antonio is Hot, Hot, Hot!  In fact today should be 103 degrees with a heat index of even higher!  I am not one who loves the heat.  In fact, I HATE it! I despise it!  I can't stand it!
So far this summer I have gone to Professional development and spent time with my family...plus a few doctors appointments here and there.

I went the PLC conference held in San Antonio and I went to Depth of Knowledge and Common Assessments too.  All great PD!

My "thinking" above I need to do A.S.A.P!  I will get my list and linky together and have it posted mid-week.  Make sure you come by and link up!

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