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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Way to go Cheerios and more!

I have to say that the Racism in our country is so disgusting to me.  How can you "hate" someone because the color of their skin or who they choose to love or even what they wear?  I just don't understand.  Don't get me wrong, I am not perfect and I have thought (and maybe even said aloud) "Look at that Hoochie" because of the way someone was dressed and its totally wrong. I admit I called (in my head) some cute skinny girl that I didn't even know a skinny b*tch to make others laugh and because I was totally jealous  Yes that is so wrong and idiotic of me.....but to HATE someone???  We (yes, us, the adults of the world) need to open our eyes and learn from our kids. Check out this video, it says A LOT!
Please share this video and spread the word for PEACE & LOVE not HATE!

On a lighter note.....  I got a puppy!!!!!!!  We often frequent one of the pounds just to look and play with the dogs.  Well, we learned that one of the puppies was going to be euthanized  because she was sick AND she was the only one not adopted from her litter.  I couldn't stand it and right there and then we adopted our precious Daisy!  Isn't she adorable?  She is a lab mix..... but we don't know what she is mixed with.  She has been on medicine and is so much better.  We love her so much and she really loves us too. 

This post is a bit random but let's just say it has the theme of "love". We should love one another, I love our new puppy, Daisy, AND I love Chrissy Beltran from Buzzing with Ms. B's "Rolling Out Reader's Workshop"  You must check it out!  It's made for grades 3-5 and you can buy the whole thing or just parts of what you need from Teachers pay Teachers.

Thank you Chrissy for allowing me to "check it out" for you!  

Peace, Love, and Frogs my friends :)

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