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Friday, September 20, 2013

Cancer sux!

That's right, I said CANCER SUX! I hate it!

I received a phone call this past Sunday that sent shivers up my spine.  I learned that a good friend, a co-worker's husband, had leukemia.  He went in to a clinic because he thought he had strep throat and an hour after he got home he got a phone call from the clinic saying that he has to get to the emergency room now, because he had cancer!  What the ??????  How could this be?  My friend is only in his mid thirties, has an incredible wife, two awesome kids (9 year old twins), and is one of the nicest guys I know.  He started chemo on Monday....   wait, he went in for strep throat?  How does this happen?   Oh I failed to tell you he is a teacher and so is his wife (She's the team leader of our 4th grade team). Even if he does get out of the hospital he can't go back to work for about a year.  A year!!!!!!!!  It's hard enough to make ends meat on a teacher's salary but then to be sick enough not to be able to teach for a year! OMG!  No salary? What?

Long story short, he is sick with AML Leukemia!  So besides donating my time and the little money I have,  I am having a fundraiser to help with medical bills and other expenses.

Once again, my friend Blair (my Thrirty-One Gifts consultant) is stepping up to the plate!  I am extending my Thirty-One party date until September 30th and ALL the proceeds go straight to the Castings Family.  Blair is also donating some awesome products for prizes too!   

For every item you order your name will be put in the drawing for one of these fabulous prizes!

Click here to place an order, get a chance to win a fabulous prize, and most importantly help someone in need.

Look at the great September Specials on this video:

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Thanks in advance for your support and prayers for my friends!
God Bless you

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