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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Currently, Thank you very much!

LOVING.... all the wonderful support I have received since I learned my friend Drew has leukemia. I raised a lot of money during my Thiry-One Gifts online party and even received some generous monetary donations from some of my awesome blogging buddies.  

THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! My friends Drew and Jane are overwhelmed with all your kindness. They are feeling the love! The prayers and positive thoughts are working.  Drew finished his first round of chemo and had a bone marrow biopsy yesterday........<insert drum roll here>.........  I am pleased to announce that it looks like the chemo killed all the cancer!  YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!   The prognosis is looking up.   Keep up the prayers and positive thoughts for my friends the Castings!  

Lastly for my treat... Pumpkin Poop!  

You can find find the directions and a printable by clicking on the picture above or clicking  here.

Come back soon!  I have a couple of awesome giveaways just waiting to be posted.

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