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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Currently in April

Happy April Friends!
Today was day 1 of 2 of our Writing state assessment (STAAR)..... talking about April Fools!   No one played any tricks on me but maybe because they were testing all day. Lucky for me, not so lucky for them.

The first of the month means many things to many people but for Farley Fans (Oh Boy 4th Grade) it means it's time for Currently!   Usually I try to be one of the top 5 to join the FAB-U-LOUS linky but with stressing  preparing for the state test, I just couldn't.  I'll try again in May.

I am waiting for The Voice to come on so I thought I would make some popcorn....... its not so great.  I really felt like eating movie buttered popcorn but instead its microwave 94% boring!  However, it freakin' crunchy!  I am crunching away and that's all I hear!

Today we finished day 1 of our two day Writing tests.... glad it's over!  I feel so sorry for my little froggies who do everything they can to sit still and quiet for 4 hours and "show what they know".  Heck, its impossible  hard for me to sit quiet for 30 minutes!!!!!

I'm thinking I'll go to be early tonight but like usual I will probably get a second wind around 10 and go to bed late.... then complain that I don't get enough sleep.

I'm wanting an Orange Julius.... yup, an original Orange Julius!  Dairy Queen sells them and if I nag enough  play my cards right my hubby will go get me one.

What other job requires you to do more work to be absent than not being absent?  Yes, you guessed it, a teacher!   I am going to be out Friday.... nothing exciting, just a doctor's appointment but its mid day so I couldn't even take a 1/2 day. What does that mean.... that I have to write sub plans! I'm not complaining, I could use a day off but writing sub plan stink! Luckily I got a very fabulous sub to come in for me so that makes it a little easier.

At my school, if you have morning duty you have to be there about 7:15 but students don't come in the classrooms until 7:40.  I let my kids in from the hall early to get a head start on the day... plus I have a student get me ice from the cafeteria and another to get my mail from my mailbox... but everyone else gets ready for the day. :)   I am usually at work by 7:00.  Our day starts at 7:45 with announcements.  The kids have 45 minutes of a special rotation (PE, Music, Art, and Computer) at 10:10... that is when I have my conference.  The kids have a 15-20  minute recess and then its lunch time for both the kids and me at 12:10 - 12:40.  I usually eat with my team in the teacher's lunch room.... we act like we are 10 and laugh our heads off.  I will admit, we are the most immature and perhaps loudest team, but we are the funnest (and BEST, if you ask any of my team members).  The dismissal bell rings at 2:45.  I usually end my day at 5:00ish but I am going to try to start leaving around 3:30 or 4:00.  On Wednesday I sponsor the Solar Car Club and that ends at 4:30 but on those days I will leave right at 4:30.  I usually don't get too much done after school except talking.

OK friends, time to sip on the Orange Julius I told you my hubby would get me! Ha! Nagging does work no matter what anyone says :)

Have a Hoppy Week!


  1. I'm so glad I saw your post. I completely forgot that it was Currently. I hope your fourth graders are doing well. Mine are ready for spring break next week.

  2. Oh, I totally need to go to bed early tonight! Hope we can both accomplish that goal!

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