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Friday, July 25, 2014

YAHOO! YIPPEE! E is for Enthusiasm!

Uh Nooo, I don't want to know what's under your cape in a creepy flash your trench coat type of way. Get your mind out of the gutter!!!!

What's Under Your Cape?  is a superduper, frogilicious, fantastical, (yup, they're real words) resource for teachers to use to integrate Character Education in their own classroom.  Barbara Gruener, the author of this book, who is also a friend, and a superhero herself, shares her knowledge of having  positive characteristics of  SUPERHEROES on her own blog, The Corner on Character.

Some of my blogging buddies were talking about doing a book study on What's Under Your Cape?  I didn't even have the book when I said I wanted to participate.  Well, yes, I partly wanted to participate because I don't like to be left out of stuff but I knew the book HAD to be absolutely FABULOUS since I was already a big fan of Barbara's!  

I picked a date that corresponded with a chapter and it happened to be E is for Enthusiasm! Coincidence?  I think NOT!

Those of you that know me in person would probably say I am very short, loud, slightly obnoxious, crazy, real loud, full of .... energy, real real loud enthusiastic, especially when it comes to teaching!  I have such a passion for making a difference in student's lives and I am equally enthusiastic about teaching!

So what is enthusiasm?  Watch this little clip and see if it helps you define being enthusiastic.
Barbara starts out the chapter by saying "Let's face it; enthusiasm ignites greatness." (p.65) When I read that line I want to scream, "Hell ya" but that wouldn't be nice so instead I gave it an "Amen sista"! Barbara also states that she saw this claim on a poster once: "A healthy dose of Enthusiasm is like passion on steroids". That's it!  Enthusiasm is being excited and passionate about whatever you are doing!
I show enthusiasm and excitement everyday in the classroom!  How can my students be excited and happy to be in school for most of their day without me, their teacher, showing enthusiastic passion for learning. I can confidently say that if you asked the kids who have been in my class throughout the years to describe me they may not use the word 'enthusiastic' but would definitely say I am crazy about learning, fun, happy, and perhaps silly.  I love going to work and seeing my kids every single day.  My students know it and FEEL it!  Don't get me wrong, I still count down the days until Thanksgiving break (only 17 weeks by the way) and enjoy time off like everyone else but when I am with my students I share my enthusiasm, not just for school but for life.  Happiness and eagerness breeds happiness and eagerness..... ooh, that's getting so philosophical, huh?
Imagine how your students would react if you came taught with as much enthusiasm as this guy has? 

They would not only think you are the coolest teacher EV-VA but they would feel your positive vibes and try to emulate your enthusiasm.  My students learn that even if something goes wrong in my day or I get in a bad mood, I will stop and change my attitude until I am positive again.  I wasn't born this way, and my mom and sister will agree.  In fact, my husband and kids will tell you that I am not always this way at home.  I can get pretty grumpy and irritable with the best of them but I have learned in my 46 years of life to change my negative attitude about situations into positive ones and do whatever I do with enthusiasm and a good attitude just like this little guy...

Sorry about the video overload but they really do share my feelings and help me explain my thoughts!  

In this chapter Barbara shares book titles and questions to ask yourself and your students.  She shares songs and ideas to use in your classroom but I will let you discover them when you read it.  She even suggest to reflect on some our favorite inspirational quotes.... I have a ton of quotes printed out on pretty paper posted all over my classroom.  I need those reminders daily and so do my students.

As most of you know I can get pretty wordy (yes, in real life too!) so I am going to leave you with one last thought (before you leave me for being too wordy - LOL!).  Enthusiasm, passion, a great attitude, and positive thinking is not something that is innate, or we are born with.  It is something we deliberately and purposely have to make part of our day, every day. 

I challenge you to show enthusiasm and positive thinking to your students every day. It will become a wonderful habit for both you and your students. I promise you with passion, enthusiasm,and a great attitude you will have a wonderful atmosphere in your classroom and a terrific year no matter what age you teach!

Our next Chapter will be R is for Responsibilty 

Enthusiastically yours! ;)


  1. Dear Super Froggy (aka Lorraine) -

    How do I love this ... let me count the ways! Thank you for your enthusiastic look at Chapter 7, Lorraine. Oh how I'd LOVE to be a fly on the wall in your classroom. What a blessing you must be to those students who are lucky enough to be a part of the fabulous froggy family!

    Be blessed as you bless,


  2. Thank you for the clip examples of enthusiasm. They will be good conversation starters and ways to get the wheels going on being enthusiastic! It made me think making a Superheroes Board for sharing moments of superheroness
    With each other and celebrating them! This sparks enthusiasm within myself too! So exciting!