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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Fabulous Finds!

Today is my official last day of summer.  Starting tomorrow, I will try to wake up early and go to bed at a decent time.  I will START thinking about school, well I kinda started thinking about school this evening knowing there is a Teachers Pay Teachers sale starting tomorrow.    Anywho, tomorrow I will consider my summer over and start getting in back to school mode, slowly but surely!

Instead of my usual Vera Bradley or Thrity-One Gifts school bag I decided on an adorable  bag to represent my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers!  While shopping for this tote I found this frog that was just calling my name... so I bought him!  I bought both here (on sale by the way) at Fanatics.  You can check out any sports team by clicking on the banner.
Shop the newest Dallas Cowboys fan gear at Fanatics!

I did get a new Vera Bradley purse and some new Vera Bradley prescription glasses (both regular and sunglasses) so I think Vera will forgive me for getting a different school bag. :)

I saw this saying floating around the internet and had to make a shirt with it!  No, the guys isn't included! :)
You can get this shirt any time before August 15th by going  here and ordering it.  It's only $15.90 plus shipping.  I am hoping my whole grade level gets one. I think they are adorable!

I haven't received mine yet, but April from A Modern Teacher, has created a masterpiece! It's called the Teacher Life Map.  It's the PERFECT planner for teacher's who do their lesson plans online.  Read about it here. She has different covers but the one pictured is the one I chose. By the way, it is not something you have to print out.... this is a hard good that will get shipped to you.  I should receive mine next week and I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some FABULOUS FINDS that you can get during the TPT sale!  These are some things on my list.  Don't forget to use the code BTS14 when you go shopping on TPT!

I had this on my wish list but I happen to win it this past week! WOOHOO! This fabulous resources is a must have for any Texas 4th or 7th grade teacher.  It comes from my friend Alyssa who blogs at Teaching in the Fast Lane.  Her TPT store is the first one I go to when I need any Texas history resources.
This Texas Revolution Complete Unit is absolutely FAB!  It has so many activities including a powerpoint, I Have Who has, Task Cards, stuff for Interactive Notebooks,  and Vocabulary.  It's 180 plus pages of awesomeness and even includes an answer key!
Another one of Alyssa's products that are on my wish list is her Regions of Texas bundle.  Actually I really want her Ultimate Texas History Bundle that has a zillion trillion activities!!!!  It sounds like all she creates is Texas history stuff but she doesn't...she has a bunch of super sensational resources so check out her store!

I know this post is getting long but to wrap things up here are some more items on my wishlist at TPT.  

These are from another couple of friends, Rachel Reyna and Louis Fisher at Fisher Reyna Education

I need this Currently in your Classroom!    from my friend Farley at  Oh boy 4th Grade     


And the last wishlist item I will post tonight is the Incredibly Iconic library decor!  I love everything my friend, Kristen does but these are just plain ol' cool!  Visit her site at Ladybug's Teacher Files

Here's to a great year my fabulous froggy friends!


  1. Yo are so kind sweet friend! I just added a few more items to my cart from this post too!

  2. Those shirts are super groovy!