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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

#BeTheDifference and win with Mailbox!

I remember when I student taught  (yes, I can remember that long ago), one thing I was most excited about was getting my first official subscription to Mailbox Magazine.... what says you're an official teacher better than a subscription to one of the most trusted name in educational publishing?   I've been using their ideas, activities, and inspiration ever since!  Well believe or not, Mailbox magazine contacted me to participate in their #BeTheDifference campaign!   So guess what I said?   HA! Of course I said yes!

Mailbox Magazine knows that teachers make a difference in their student's lives every single day!  Most of us became a teacher for the big bucks, for the fame & fortune to make a difference! I know I became a teacher for that very reason.  I wanted to change lives while sharing my love of learning.    Mailbox Magazine sent me a cute little package to start the year off having a ball!

The first week of school we do a lot of FABULOUS team building activities.  I want my students to feel like they are a part of a family... a frog family, with me being Queen Frog! LOL!  I make my classroom a safe, warm, and inviting place where my students feel comfortable taking risks and being the best they can be.  This year on the Friday of the first week I played the "name game" with the beach ball that was sent to me, but it was the name game with a twist.   This time we played the name game with partners and in order to be dismissed at the students had to call out their classmates names.  I was a great way to review student names and they left my classroom with a smile!

*smiley faces were used to protect the innocent
Mailbox Magazine would like to give 10 of my FABULOUS froggy followers a  free year's Mailbox Gold subscription! Told ya they are awesome!  Learn more about Mailbox GOLD by watching this short video.

Enter here for your chance to win!  Good Luck!

Stay Fabulous!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Currently in September!

As usual, I am linking up with one of my favorite peeps, Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade, to one of my favorite linky par-tays, Currently!

My doctor recently told me to only drink water and milk and to cut down my coffee intake........WHAT???? Cut down my coffee intake? That's like telling the Pope no more praying!  I am down to about 4-5 cups a day but my goal is to get it down to one cup a day (and not a real measured cup but my insulated Starbucks mug instead).  I'm on #3 today but I will try not to have any this afternoon.... It's Labor day, holidays don't count, do they?

Today was the official launch to the new Jamberry Nails Designs.  I LOVE them all, especially the Fashionably Festive section which has the holiday wraps!  Here is a short video about some of the new designs.  You can also visit my website ,LorrainesFABnails, and check out all the new designs.

I don't know about you but for me, the people I work with (including students) makes a world of difference.  We just finished up our first week of school and I think its going to be an AWESOME year! I love my new team and my new students!

Of course, I left everything to do for today but I will eventually get it done.... maybe.  One major thing is to look at our new math curriculum and figure out my guided math this year!

Vegas, Hawaii, and Alaska.... all places I have never been but NEED to go!  We are planning on bringing in the new year at Disney World this year and that is probably one of the biggest reasons I have never been to the other places.... we keep going back to Disney! We went on our honeymoon and have been back at least 10 times in our 24 years of marriage.  No matter how old we get the kids love it and so do we!

Happy Labor Day my friends!