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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Currently in July!

I think I missed June's Currently.... Oh my!   Farley from Oh Boy 4th Grade!'s Currently  is my very favorite linky, I try to never miss. Boo!

Oh well, it's July and I in!  

Listening:  I am listening to the book Wonder by RJ Palacio on Audible.  I am testing the 30 day Audible free try out period.  I love it! I think I am going to subscribe!  The first book I listened to was A Girl on The Train.  It was really good!

Loving:  My new Happy Planner by Me & My Big Ideas!  I have a Erin Condren notebook for work/school with a calendar insert and this Beautiful Happy Planner for everything else.  I will save the details for another blog post. 

Thinking: I can't believe it's July 1st!!!! What? What?  Summer is flying by!  I am not ready for July yet but I guess I don't have much of a choice, huh?  I better enjoy and be somewhat productive every single day of July because once August hits I say goodbye couch and hello work!

Wanting:  I want to take my two rescue dogs to the beach.  I think mid July would be the time to go.  The coast of Texas is only about 2 1/2 hours a day and we can even make a day trip out of it.  I love my pups!  We rescued Daisy (the blond) 2 years ago at 8 weeks old.  She was going to be euthanized  if she wasn't adopted and we were at the pound that day so she was meant to be ours.  Bruce (the brunette LOL!) is a new dog to us.  They found him roaming downtown and my husband happened to be at the pound when he came and and started playing with him.... He fell in love with him within minutes and needless to say, he came home with us.  He is about a year old and we have only had him for a little more than a month.   They are so different but both so sweet.  Daisy is a Basenji mix  and is extremely smart!!!! Bruce is a staffordshire terrier mix and well, not so smart.  LOL!  I love them both!!!!!!!!!!  And the best part is they love each other! By the way, don't let the dog bed fool you.  Daisy sleeps with my son in his bed and Bruce sleeps with my daughter in her bed.  Spoiled doggies!

Needing: I have been spending so much money on what my hubby likes to call random crap!  Well, crap to hubby but fun stuff to me!  I've bought a ton of stickers and washi tape to make my calendar and planner pages extra cute!  I've also purchased so many new books! Professional reads and books for the classroom.  I haven't had time to read except one so far!!!!!!  I am going to try to do a NO SPEND JULY only on non necessities, well except for eating out.  I let you know how I do (I wouldn't hold your breath!)

UPDATE (7/1/15): No Spend July is an epic fail!  Oh well, on to shopping!

All Star:  I am an All-Star at laughing and being a smart ass  witty.  I love to laugh and make others laugh.  Being witty usually causes laughter and I love to hear others laugh as much as I love to laugh!

It's your turn to join the Currently linky!